The Low Side Parting- New Hair Trend for 2024

The low side parting- new hair trend for 2024 is set to be a popular option for hair styling – and we are big fans of this look.

Taking inspiration from the mid 90s and ‘oos we have so much love for this hair trend right now as it can suit so many clients.

Side partings have a timeless feel due to being so versatile, they can be worn in an elegant style, undone style or wet-look chic. But the options on a “low side parting” doesn’t stop here, they could add drama or softness to the hairstyle depending on how much texture and movement is added to the hair.

To ensure the “low side parting” doesn’t look dated it’s all about making it look strong and super clean while combining it with texture throughout the hair.

We have seen celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Margot Robbie and Kaia Gerber wearing the hair style, making it look super chic.

To help part and add texture in the hair we love using Color Wow Style On Steroids and Color Wow One- Minute Transformation Cream. You can create a side parting on either dry or wet hair depending on the desired end result.

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