Skinny Plaits – Stil Style Crush

Plaits are often seen on the runway and for this season we have noticeably seen more of  skinny plaits.

There is definitly a plait to suit every one: rope,twisted, twin,cool -girl, bohemian, romantic, laid-back, and the list goes on…

We absolutely love the skinny plait for this season as it can be worn in so many different ways. It looks great super thin with two traditional plaits or simply just a few around the face for a more romantic and laid-back style.

For the laid back, undone and romantic style plait we recommend to prep the hair with TIGI Catwalk dry shampoo before hand as it gives a slight memory and gut to the hair when you create the plaits.

For the slightly more polished skinny plaits we recommend to prep the hair with TIGI Catwalk Hairista Cream as it smoothens the hair and nourishes dry ends. and simply finish with hair spray.

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