Long glossy hair with rounded bangs

Long hair is a very popular hairstyle for women and it doesn’t have to be flat and boring, long hair styles can have movement and interest with added bangs.

For us at STIL long hair looks great with a little added movement through the length and keeping it glossy is vital to make it look healthy and striking. We always suggest to use hydrating aftercare for long hair as it usually lacks in moisture due to its length, hydration will make hair look and feel tangle free and promote shine.

Our “go to” product is Dream Coat by Color WOW, when it comes to blow drying and finishing long hair as it will lock wanted moisture in the hair and keep unwanted moisture away from the finished blow-dried hair. But the complete “WOW” factor is in the finished blow-dried result as the Dream Coat will create the most gorgeous shine on the hair making it look like “glass hair”

Adding a rounded bangs will also help long hair look more like a hair style as it frames the face, espcially if the hair is worn down or up in a ponytail.

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