Prism Lights – The New Blonde Technique

PRISM LIGHTS method is an effortless alternative to the recent popular chunky Balayage, contouring and overly textured highlights which can be harder to wear.

This new technique creates a subtle lux, halo of light around the face and brightens the lengths of the hair. At STIL we often use this technique to create very soft and natural effects but it can also be used more creatively to show off lots of brightness .

PRISM lights are individually ‘free hand’ painted in fine strands of lighter colour through the root to the mid area of the hair. Then the end of the hair is ‘free hand’ painted with a layering effect using 2 tones of subtle lighter shades creating a polished yet natural appearance to the hair. The hair returns to its former vibrancy and gloss which we can often lose after repeated colouring.

End result? Brighter, cleaner shades which are cleverly relevant and upgrade winter light. British light is very ‘blue’ so getting the shades just right is even more important says Christel. Her clever PRISM Method allows light to open up and stream through the hair bouncing six times creating a halo of light around the face. What’s not to love.

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