Cool Liquid Brown Hair Colour

The Cool Liquid Brown hair colour has been one of the most popular colour requests for 2023. We often get clients with warm brown hair wanting to go cooler without the hair looking flat, too dark or unnatural.

Before any colour service we would assess the hair, skin complexion, eye colour and how committed the client is to up keep and maintenance, as that has a big impact on the chosen colour palette and it’s important that the shade of brunette works in harmony with the natural colouring of the skin.

We love using a high gloss colour to create cool liquid brown hair colour results as the shine will make the hair look super natural and less flat and unnatural.

Our key tip is to use a shade that is lighter than the end result but add lots of cool tones as that will help creating a cool brown that as shine and won’t go too dark or flat looking.

We highly recommend Wella System Professional’s Colour save shampoo and treatment for the home routine as that will really help prolonging the life of the cool brown hair colour at home in-between salon visits.

The STIL team also loves Keep It Cool

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