5 ways to keep your blonde hair smooth and shiny

Keeping your blonde hair healthy, smooth and shiny requires bit of home work after a blonde colour service but it doesn’t have to be complex or hard.

While there is much to be said for the humidity factor in summer causing seasonal frizz for blondes, winter comes with its own set of hair issues. Fluctuations in temperature – from damp and humid to cold and dry – make hair more unmanageable.

All these factors has an impact on blondes and the overall texture of the hair. Below, we have listed 5 things that are worth knowing about blonde hair.

MAKE SURE YOUR HAIR IS HYDRATED It’s so important to use the correct after care products on blondes as lack of moisture and bonds in the hair can cause frizz. Using a product that contains moisture and strengthening ingredients will smooth blonde hair making it easier to comb and detangle. We love using Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair Conditioner

SMOOTH STYLING Using less heat on the hair will allow the hair to recover naturally after a blonde colour service and in return feel much stronger and less damaged. Colder air will close the cuticle and promote shine so keeping the airflow on a cooler setting will add shine and smoothness to the hair.

TAKE IT TO BED Hair treatments are designed to repair and hydrate hair and in return the hair will look and feel much smoother and shinier. A top tip from us is to wash the hair at night and apply Wella Professionals Fusion Mask over night and allow the product to really penetrate the hair, making it super smooth and glossy in the morning once rinsed out of the hair.

COLLAGEN MAGIC Hair and skin needs collagen to feel think, shiny and healthy, taking a supplement will transform your hair and texture to a much healthier version. We are absolutely obsessed with Ancient & Brave Wild Collagen and have seen so many positive hair transformations with this product. Collagen will make blonde hair much stronger, thicker and shinier over time if taken every day.

BRUSH IT OUT There are many ways to brush different hair textures but blonde hair is very delicate so needs a little xtra TLC. We recommend to use a Tangle Teezer brush as it’s designed to put less stress on the hair while brushing it. It’s always a great option to start brushing the ends of the hair first and work your way up t the roots to improve shine and smoothness on the hair.

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