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The most timeless colour technique, resulting in a natural highlighted effect on any hair texture and style, due to its perfect blend of tones and lights. If you want a classic and stylish, barely there blonde look, this is the perfect service for you.


Sometimes colour is at its best when it’s simple with lots of shine. This is the most natural service we offer, designed to enhance what you already have and give an even colour result from roots to ends.


The ultimate pure blonde colour service, based on a double-processing technique. It’s simple, but very eye-catching as the resulting colour is often an all-over bright platinum or beige-blonde.


Due to emerging fashions or how we feel, we sometimes want to change our hair colour. Commonly known as colour correction, this service can take a significant amount of time, requiring a change from dark to light, or light to dark. With years of combined technical expertise, the STIL colour team is equipped to advise you on the best journey to achieve any colour change, without compromising on your hair’s quality and condition.


A technique we never tire of doing, this is a traditional root colour service, ideal for anyone wanting to blend natural grey hair or for those seeking a rich high-shine, all-over colour result.


Hair is very similar to skin and sometimes it needs a gentle detox to remove unwanted build up caused by product usage and the environment. This is a quick and gentle brightening service, especially suited to all-over blondes, deep browns and bright reds.

A skin test is required 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.
All colour services includes nourishing and repairing aftercare treatments by TIGI