Rosé Blonde

Winter Rosé blonde is a delicate pink pastel hair colour which can suit warm and cool complexions.

The rosé pastel hair colour tone can be mixed with soft shades of lilac or peach tones to create texture or simply be used by its own.

The pastel tone looks great on long blonde hair, bob length or pixie cuts.To look after this hair colour at home in-between salon visits we recommend to use one of our customised colour boost conditioners,  it’s super easy to use at home to refresh the rosé hair colour.

Pink Hair

Changing your blonde hair colour is super fun and easy to do through different toners which doesn’t have to be damaging for your hair.

We love a pink hue on blondes as it looks super bright, chic and so colourful and can be done on so many different blonde techniques such as all over blondes, highlights, panels, balayage and contouring.

A pink tone is not designed to last for weeks as it’s a toner and therefore coats the hair rather than colouring it permanently which gives the hair a bright hue as well as making it shiny. A pink toner will also fade gradually every time you wash your hair.

We often create pink hues through colour conditioners which will will condition the hair as well as adding tone, we also retail these hydrating colour boosters so all our clients can maintain their pink hair colour at home and top it up in-between salon visits.

Butter Milk Winter Blonde

Adding some brightness to your blonde hair colour is a great way of brightening your complexion during the winter months.

During the winter the skin often lacks in natural warmth and and brightness as we are not exposed to the sun as much, so our top tip for blondes are to brighten the hue slightly as that adds a little brightness around the face.

We often feel a little more adventures in the summer as we feel great from the sun and we have a little more colour in the skin and during the winter we often tend to tone down the blonde as we have lost our tan and overall spark.

So with all this in mind your hair colour can be a great way to lift your natural winter complexion and add some brightness around the face rather than toning it down.

The best thing about hair colour is that there are so many different blonde combinations that can be created from warm, neutral through to cool hues.

Brunette Hair Colour

Updating your brunette hair colour over the winter months is a great way to make your hair look healthy, shiny and richer in tone.

There are a few different options when it comes to updating the tone of your brunette hair as the hue can be rich in gold, red, violet, ash or copper hues.

The cooler shades will create shades such as bitter chocolate, mocha, ash brown and cool oak.

The warmer shades will create hues such as dark rosewood, brown oak, pecan and walnut brunette.

There are so many different combinations of brunette hues that will look great during the winter to re fresh the hair and for it to work with your natural complexion. Your skin changes colour during the winter so we feel it’s important update your hair colour for it to suit your natural glow during the winter months.

We love Emily Didonatos rich brunette hair colour.

The Blonde Upgrade

Classic highlights are the perfect blonde upgrade if you are looking for a bright blonde effect with natural texture and medium commitment for up keep.

Our seamless highlighting techniques will create results that are natural looking with baby fine strands of blonde to brighten natural and coloured hair. We love this classic look as it can be tailor made to suit so many different complexions as well as personal style.

Classic highlights can be used to create an all over super blonde effect or something that looks more natural and sun kissed depending on how much highlights you introduced to the hair.

To keep your highlights looking fresh and touched up we recommend that you would need to touch up your highlights between 6-10 weeks, this also depends on personal preference as well as how blonde you would like to be:

The  brighter the blonde you sooner you will see the regrowth, the more natural looking you longer you can go in-between visits.

We say it’s the perfect blonde upgrade…

Prism Lights

We are embracing the autumn winter with a brand new colouring technique “Prism Lights” this technique allows light to open up and stream through the hair bouncing six times creating a halo of light around the face.

PRISM lights are individually ‘free hand’ painted in fine strands of lighter colour through the root to the mid area of the hair. Then the end of the hair is ‘free hand’ painted with a layering effect using 2 tones of subtle lighter shades creating a polished yet natural appearance to the hair. The hair returns to its former vibrancy and gloss which we can often lose after repeated colouring.

This new colouring technique is the opposite to chunky balayage and heavy contouring as it offers a light reflecting colour effect, which gives a delicate natural and easy lux look and feel to the hair.

End result? Brighter, natural cleaner shades with lots of shine.

Autumn Winter Blonde

We absolutely love Cato Van Ee’s look and her hair colour is perfect for autumn winter, seamless, full of tone dimension and texture.

This season we are moving away from chunky Balayage and creating colours that are seamless and hand painted to create dimension between hues. Blondes are slightly more warmer and beige’ier rather than pure white.

We are creating hues such as silk white, beige buff, vanilla, soft camel and dusky wood and all these are perfect to blend together to create a seamless autumn winter hair colour . This colour look is perfect for hair that’s medium length through to long.

To get this look ask for a seamless hand painted blonde and we will tailor make the hues to suit your natural colouring.

Keep It Cool

Keeping your brown hair colour cool looking in-between hair appointments can sometimes be testing as there are so many factors to why it sometimes fades to a warmer hue.

Here’s our top tips to maintain your brown hair colour looking cooler for longer:

When going dark brown,medium brown or light brown consider what tone you would like your hair to look as some hues fades a little faster than others, your technician can talk you through all these options during a consultation to get maximum long lasting effect.

Rinsing and washing your hair, when hair comes in contact with water the tone of the hair colour will fade slightly so opting for a dry shampoo in between washes is fantastic as it prolongs the life of the colour as well as keeping the hair looking clean. We love Catwalk By TIGI dry shampoo.

Heating tools, so these guys are great to style the hair with but too much heat will also create colour fade so opt for air drying the hair or use twisting techniques to create movement in the hair rather than tongs.

Use purple conditioners and intensive violet masks as they are great products to cool the hue down as well as hydrating hair after shampooing. We love leaving in Catwalk Fashionista Violet Conditioner by TIGI  over night as it cools the colour down as well as moisturising the hair.

Using the correct shampoo is really important as some shampoos has a slight exfoliating effect and can make the colour fade quicker. We recommend to use S Factor by TIGI colour save shampoo as it will prolong the life of the colour in-between visits as well as keeping the tone cooler for longer.

Protect the hair from the sun, using a SPF on the hair is great as it protects the hair from UV rays. Covering the hair is great when on the beach as the sun will bleach the hair and create colour fade.

Pure White Blonde For Pink

The truly amazing Pink was performing on X Factor this weekend and our Creative Director Christel Lundqvist got her colour ready for the show.

Pink’s pure white hair colour was tailor made to suit her image and hairstyle and achieved with a double processing technique.

This is one of our most popular colour services within the salon and we often refeer to this service as the “Scandi Blonde” hair colour.

We use two treatment steps to achieve a pure white blonde to keep the hair super healthy throughout the process.

We hope you like Pinks new hair colour as much as we do.

Bubble Braids

The festive season is here and we are busy creating different hair looks for all of our clients.

One of our favourite hair styles for this season is the Bubble Braid look which we first saw on the runway for Valentino. This look is so chic and goes with so many different outfits.

We would start by prepping the hair with a blowdrying lotion to get the hair sleek with a natural volume while blowdrying the hair. The next step would be to create the style and there are a few options here:

This look can either be really sleek at the front with a side or centre parting or a soft texture can be created around the hair line for a slightly more romantic flyaway texture.

The bubbles would then be created through the length of the hair and don’t worry if you don’t have the hair length required as we can help with hair wefts.

We say give your braid a little twist and have a go at this look…

Half Up Half Down Style

Brigitte Bardot is such a style icon and her feminine undone half up half down hair is one of our favourite looks.

We absolutely love texture in hair and this look has lots of soft moment, volume and great texture.

Our favourite products to use when creating this look in the salon are a volume primer creme as that will create natural body as well as creating shine on he hair ,texturising spray and dry shampoo are great to add texture and body.  The primer we apply when the hair is damp then we would  finger dry the hair and bend the ends slightly around our fingers to create soft movement.

The texturising spray and the dry shampoo we use once the hair is dry as that will give the hair texture and a natural grip, especially on the root area.

Once the hair has been finger dried we often use big curling tongs just to create soft bends in the hair, We recommend to gently bend the hair around a big barrel rather then wrapping the hair around the barrel as that creates more of a curl rather then a slight movement and bend.

Once we have combed the hair and used a texturing spray we would simply tie the front of the hair up with pins and finish off with a shine spray.

This look is definitely poplar at STIL and a favourite amongst our stylists to create for a night out…

Pure White Blonde

Blonde comes in many different variations from warm golds, beige, ash and pure white hues.

We always work with the natural complexion of the skin as well as eye colour to create the perfect blonde for our clients. The most requested service at STIL is the Scandi blonde which is very bright and pure in tone.

This look can be created in so many different ways such as all over blonde, baby lights, balayage and various free hand painting techniques.

We have created a whole range of different hues to choose from with in the salon for this colour look to be able to look a pure, bright clean without it looking too harsh on the complexion.

To keep the colour looking healthy and super shiny in between visits it important to invest in great shampoo and conditioning treatments, we have lots of different options from proteins to moisture home care products to choose from within the salon as well.

We can’t get enough of this look and we absolutely love a pure white blonde service in the salon.