5 Top Tips For Healthy Summer Hair

It’s that wonderful time of the year again when the sun is out and we hit the beach, so for us it’s important to give the hair some extra TLC during the summer months.

Here’s 5 top tips from us to care for the hair.

Keep Conditioning: It’s essential to hydrate hair for it to feel and look healthy, keep conditioning length and ends during the summer even though you haven’t washed your hair. It’s great to use leave in conditioners in-between washes through the length to inject a moisture kick to the hair.

Use Oils: Using oils are fantastic on hair and the scalp as it can sooth the scalp after being in the sun all day and it will smoothen and strengthen the cuticle. We love coconut oil due to it’s heeling properties on the scalp and it’s rich in vitamin E which will strength length and ends.

Go Easy On Heat: Take a little break from heating equipment like tongs, hairdryers and straighteners during the summer months as spending a lot of time in the heat and on the beach can dry the hair out. Leaving it to dry naturally will keep the hair feeling softer and in time allow the hair to recover from the heat.

Colour Boost And Seal : We offer a range of intensive hair treatments containing keratin and moisture with additional colour boosters to give the hair a vibrant touch to the hair. This treatment takes up to 20 mins to do and is great to do in-between colour services to punch the tone up.

Add Natural Texture: Instead of using tongs on the hair to create beachy hair we recommend to simply plait the hair when its dry. Start by spritzing sea salt spray on to length and ends let it dry for 1min then plait the hair I larger sections and leave for 5 min. Separate the hair with you fingers once you are ready to release the plaits. Use your hands to really shake the plaits out to add volume.

Rock- Chic Red

Cherry bomb, copper crush, candy red and blornage hues we are mad for these hues for the summer months.

These bold copper hues are very in for the summer months of 2018 and we absolute love creating these hues in the salon. We prefer using semi permanent products for this type of colour service as it gives the hair a fantastic shine quality and the tone looks super vibrant and healthy.

We highly recommend to our colourful copper clients to have a hydrating colour boost service in between colour visits, It’s perfect to do 4 weeks after the colour service as at that time you will see a little colour fade.

The treatment will hydrate the hair as well as inject a boost of colour vibrancy so the colour will look fantastic for another 3-4 weeks until the next appointment.

Sweep Fringe @ Stil Salon

We are a big fan of the “Sweep Fringe” which is 70’s inspired and looks great as centre sweep or slightly of centre.

This fringe look works great on face shapes that has a slightly longer forehead as it it balances that shape of the face, but there are no real rules when it comes to fashion other than you should wear a fringe that you feel comfortable with and suit your personal style.

The “Sweep Fringe’ is a great face framer and can be slightly blunter or softer around the edges.

We love this look with added colour…

Natural Styling

For this season we are loving natural wavy texture on hair and we are using different drying techniques to promote movement in the hair.

Air drying is a great technique to use to promote curls and movement at home but in the salon we are using finger drying techniques to create natural styling effects.

With these techniques we can create anything from really tight curls to beach waves or a super natural finish on the hair. Our favourite styling product for this is the moisturising cream Hairista in the Catwalk range by TIGI.

This product is the ultimate primer and will give you a natural hold to the hairstyle as well.

We say come and try our Express Finish service as that is designed to give a very natural finish to the hair when drying it.

Pure White Blonde For Pink

The truly amazing Pink was performing on X Factor this weekend and our Creative Director Christel Lundqvist got her colour ready for the show.

Pink’s pure white hair colour was tailor made to suit her image and hairstyle and achieved with a double processing technique.

This is one of our most popular colour services within the salon and we often refeer to this service as the “Scandi Blonde” hair colour.

We use two treatment steps to achieve a pure white blonde to keep the hair super healthy throughout the process.

We hope you like Pinks new hair colour as much as we do.

Bubble Braids

The festive season is here and we are busy creating different hair looks for all of our clients.

One of our favourite hair styles for this season is the Bubble Braid look which we first saw on the runway for Valentino. This look is so chic and goes with so many different outfits.

We would start by prepping the hair with a blowdrying lotion to get the hair sleek with a natural volume while blowdrying the hair. The next step would be to create the style and there are a few options here:

This look can either be really sleek at the front with a side or centre parting or a soft texture can be created around the hair line for a slightly more romantic flyaway texture.

The bubbles would then be created through the length of the hair and don’t worry if you don’t have the hair length required as we can help with hair wefts.

We say give your braid a little twist and have a go at this look…

Half Up Half Down Style

Brigitte Bardot is such a style icon and her feminine undone half up half down hair is one of our favourite looks.

We absolutely love texture in hair and this look has lots of soft moment, volume and great texture.

Our favourite products to use when creating this look in the salon are a volume primer creme as that will create natural body as well as creating shine on he hair ,texturising spray and dry shampoo are great to add texture and body.  The primer we apply when the hair is damp then we would  finger dry the hair and bend the ends slightly around our fingers to create soft movement.

The texturising spray and the dry shampoo we use once the hair is dry as that will give the hair texture and a natural grip, especially on the root area.

Once the hair has been finger dried we often use big curling tongs just to create soft bends in the hair, We recommend to gently bend the hair around a big barrel rather then wrapping the hair around the barrel as that creates more of a curl rather then a slight movement and bend.

Once we have combed the hair and used a texturing spray we would simply tie the front of the hair up with pins and finish off with a shine spray.

This look is definitely poplar at STIL and a favourite amongst our stylists to create for a night out…

Pure White Blonde

Blonde comes in many different variations from warm golds, beige, ash and pure white hues.

We always work with the natural complexion of the skin as well as eye colour to create the perfect blonde for our clients. The most requested service at STIL is the Scandi blonde which is very bright and pure in tone.

This look can be created in so many different ways such as all over blonde, baby lights, balayage and various free hand painting techniques.

We have created a whole range of different hues to choose from with in the salon for this colour look to be able to look a pure, bright clean without it looking too harsh on the complexion.

To keep the colour looking healthy and super shiny in between visits it important to invest in great shampoo and conditioning treatments, we have lots of different options from proteins to moisture home care products to choose from within the salon as well.

We can’t get enough of this look and we absolutely love a pure white blonde service in the salon.

Natural Blonde

As we are moving in to AW we are also embracing slightly softer blonde hues to create softness and texture in hair.

During the autumn months the hair can look slightly dry due to the cold weather so it’s great to add little dimension to your blonde colour as it will make it look super shiny and add a natural depth to the colour.

Often during winter the skin complexion needs a little warmth and depth as well as we we loose our natural summer tan, so a great way to warm up your complexion is to add different hues to your blonde hair colour.

We use lots of different techniques as balayage, baby lights, seamless highlights, glossing, lumiere lights to create soft natural blondes.

Our favourite look for this season is Faux blonde, it looks natural and super chic…

Hair Style Crush For Aw’17

We are a big fan of London designer Mimi Wade and we absolutely love the hair for the AW’17 collection.

Bright pink and rich brunette colours styled with glamours texture.

We think this style is perfect for a night out and we would use the texturing spray Queen For A Day by TIGI to set the hair slightly before pinning it up in to a loose glamours style.

Nordic Faux Blonde

Moving away from the pure,bright tone of Scandi blonde that has been so popular throughout the Spring/Summer months, Nordic Faux Blonde this season is becoming a very popular service for us at STIL – a slightly warmer, more natural looking beige blonde for the cooler months.

Diffrent to balayage which is more about adding light and depth create contrast in tone, the Nordic Faux blonde is achieved using a glazing technique, applied freehand to blend warm and cool beige hues for a natural appearance.
Tones sepia,artisan golden pale pine are blended with pale blonde to create the faux glaze effect, adding a sophisticated, high end quality the finish look, with texture and depth.
As seen on gorgeous girls from model of the moment Anna Ewers, to Swedish fashion influencer Elin Kling.
This AW colour technique is our favourite look for the the coming months and it can last anywhere between 4 weeks to 6months for those that prefer a low- maintenance look that is still effortlessly chic.

Skinny Plaits – Stil Style Crush

Plaits are often seen on the runway and for this season we have noticeably seen more of  skinny plaits.

There is definitly a plait to suit every one: rope,twisted, twin,cool -girl, bohemian, romantic, laid-back, and the list goes on…

We absolutely love the skinny plait for this season as it can be worn in so many different ways. It looks great super thin with two traditional plaits or simply just a few around the face for a more romantic and laid-back style.

For the laid back, undone and romantic style plait we recommend to prep the hair with TIGI Catwalk dry shampoo before hand as it gives a slight memory and gut to the hair when you create the plaits.

For the slightly more polished skinny plaits we recommend to prep the hair with TIGI Catwalk Hairista Cream as it smoothens the hair and nourishes dry ends. and simply finish with hair spray.