Golden Blonde Hair

Baby lights is a very popular service that we use to create natural blonde hair colours and we often use 2-3 tones in the hair to make it look natural.

Blonde hair colour often looks super natural if it has some natural golden tones mixed with bright creamy hues as it creates dimension to the hair colour.

Golden blonde hair looks best on a slightly warmer complexion as it is designed to add a natural glow to the skin. A key tip would be to keep the gold hue bright so it doesn’t look brassy.

Cooler complexions can also wear a softer blonde as the gold tone can be switched to a beige hue, to add softness around the face.

Baby lights is a fantastic technique to use when creating softer blonde hair colours and one of our favourites to use for spring summer.

Pale Copper Hair Colour

Changing your hair colour is often a big decision and copper is not only a stunning hair colour it’s a great hair colour to change to for spring/summer. During this season we often have a little more natural glow to our skin due to the sun.

This hair colour would best suit pale complexions and slightly warmer skin tones.

Copper hair does require a little more upkeep than most colours as the tone softens every time you wash the hair, but it can be easily refreshed with colour shampoos and conditioners.

Our favourite home product to use in between hair colour appointments is TIGI Copyright colour conditioner with added yellow and orange pigments to refresh the copper tone in the hair.