Pink Hair

Changing your blonde hair colour is super fun and easy to do through different toners which doesn’t have to be damaging for your hair.

We love a pink hue on blondes as it looks super bright, chic and so colourful and can be done on so many different blonde techniques such as all over blondes, highlights, panels, balayage and contouring.

A pink tone is not designed to last for weeks as it’s a toner and therefore coats the hair rather than colouring it permanently which gives the hair a bright hue as well as making it shiny. A pink toner will also fade gradually every time you wash your hair.

We often create pink hues through colour conditioners which will will condition the hair as well as adding tone, we also retail these hydrating colour boosters so all our clients can maintain their pink hair colour at home and top it up in-between salon visits.

Butter Milk Winter Blonde

Adding some brightness to your blonde hair colour is a great way of brightening your complexion during the winter months.

During the winter the skin often lacks in natural warmth and and brightness as we are not exposed to the sun as much, so our top tip for blondes are to brighten the hue slightly as that adds a little brightness around the face.

We often feel a little more adventures in the summer as we feel great from the sun and we have a little more colour in the skin and during the winter we often tend to tone down the blonde as we have lost our tan and overall spark.

So with all this in mind your hair colour can be a great way to lift your natural winter complexion and add some brightness around the face rather than toning it down.

The best thing about hair colour is that there are so many different blonde combinations that can be created from warm, neutral through to cool hues.

Brunette Hair Colour

Updating your brunette hair colour over the winter months is a great way to make your hair look healthy, shiny and richer in tone.

There are a few different options when it comes to updating the tone of your brunette hair as the hue can be rich in gold, red, violet, ash or copper hues.

The cooler shades will create shades such as bitter chocolate, mocha, ash brown and cool oak.

The warmer shades will create hues such as dark rosewood, brown oak, pecan and walnut brunette.

There are so many different combinations of brunette hues that will look great during the winter to re fresh the hair and for it to work with your natural complexion. Your skin changes colour during the winter so we feel it’s important update your hair colour for it to suit your natural glow during the winter months.

We love Emily Didonatos rich brunette hair colour.

The Blonde Upgrade

Classic highlights are the perfect blonde upgrade if you are looking for a bright blonde effect with natural texture and medium commitment for up keep.

Our seamless highlighting techniques will create results that are natural looking with baby fine strands of blonde to brighten natural and coloured hair. We love this classic look as it can be tailor made to suit so many different complexions as well as personal style.

Classic highlights can be used to create an all over super blonde effect or something that looks more natural and sun kissed depending on how much highlights you introduced to the hair.

To keep your highlights looking fresh and touched up we recommend that you would need to touch up your highlights between 6-10 weeks, this also depends on personal preference as well as how blonde you would like to be:

The  brighter the blonde you sooner you will see the regrowth, the more natural looking you longer you can go in-between visits.

We say it’s the perfect blonde upgrade…