Half Up Half Down Style

Brigitte Bardot is such a style icon and her feminine undone half up half down hair is one of our favourite looks.

We absolutely love texture in hair and this look has lots of soft moment, volume and great texture.

Our favourite products to use when creating this look in the salon are a volume primer creme as that will create natural body as well as creating shine on he hair ,texturising spray and dry shampoo are great to add texture and body.  The primer we apply when the hair is damp then we would  finger dry the hair and bend the ends slightly around our fingers to create soft movement.

The texturising spray and the dry shampoo we use once the hair is dry as that will give the hair texture and a natural grip, especially on the root area.

Once the hair has been finger dried we often use big curling tongs just to create soft bends in the hair, We recommend to gently bend the hair around a big barrel rather then wrapping the hair around the barrel as that creates more of a curl rather then a slight movement and bend.

Once we have combed the hair and used a texturing spray we would simply tie the front of the hair up with pins and finish off with a shine spray.

This look is definitely poplar at STIL and a favourite amongst our stylists to create for a night out…

Pure White Blonde

Blonde comes in many different variations from warm golds, beige, ash and pure white hues.

We always work with the natural complexion of the skin as well as eye colour to create the perfect blonde for our clients. The most requested service at STIL is the Scandi blonde which is very bright and pure in tone.

This look can be created in so many different ways such as all over blonde, baby lights, balayage and various free hand painting techniques.

We have created a whole range of different hues to choose from with in the salon for this colour look to be able to look a pure, bright clean without it looking too harsh on the complexion.

To keep the colour looking healthy and super shiny in between visits it important to invest in great shampoo and conditioning treatments, we have lots of different options from proteins to moisture home care products to choose from within the salon as well.

We can’t get enough of this look and we absolutely love a pure white blonde service in the salon.