Dishevelled Chic

We love an undone hair look wether it’s a pony tail, braids, wavy hair or simply straight hair. It’s all about keeping the hair looking simple and fresh even though it might not be.

We talked to Evening Standard on how to create the Dishevelled Chic look as seen on the runway this season…

How to achieve the Dishevelled Chic hair look:

A key step when creating this look is to prime the hair with dry shampoo as it gives the hair natural texture and makes the hair very mouldable.

We love Catwalk by TIGI dry shampoo as its very light on the hair and this product is very popular behind the scenes for Fashion week around the world.

Once the hair is primed you would simply create a very low pony tail and braid the hair securing it with a clear elastic band. Once in place we recommend to spray the braid with more dry shampoo and gently comb any loose strands around the face. Finish off with a very light hair spray.

Beach Hair For The Summer

We love a beach babe hair colour and style during the summer and there are so many different ways to create the perfect beach blonde look.

Here’s some of our top tips on what to ask for when creating the perfect beach blonde hair colour:

Golden Sun kissed Blonde – This type of look can be created by simply using a gloss colour to naturally lighten the hair all over or in areas, this colour will look very soft and is super gentle on the hair.

LA Blonde –This look is bright and super fun and often has a softer darker root with lots of brightness through the ends. This look can be create with a various a different lightening products but the ends result is bright and cool in tone.

Beach Baby Strands – When you are by the sea in in the sun your hair often lightens naturally and if you wear your hair up a lot the sun will give you natural highlights. So this look will give you baby beach strands highlights with a natural root. This looks is done completely by freehand colouring and the tone can be super bright or more beige in hue for a softer effect.

Natural Beach Hair – This is a styling look which we absolutely love for the summer. Gentle beach waves can be created by simply using a leave in conditioner combined with sea salt spray and through the length and ends of the hair.

How To Do It Yourself – Form the hair by wrapping it gently around your fingers like a tong to create movement and add very low heat by using a hairdryer. Shape and dry the hair gently until you get soft waves, brush the hair with your finger once the hair is dry to get separation.

Blonde Trends This Summer

We talked to Harpers Bazaar on summer hair colour trends.

The Scandi blonde hair colour has been in fashion for the past year and it’s one of our most popular services at STIL.

This can be done on most lengths of hair and we suggest to invest in a tailor-made conditioner with tone to care for the hair colour at home in-between the salon visits.

The conditioner will tone the hair as well as moisturise and re hydrate the hair.

Some of our other favourite summer hair colour looks are strawberry blonde and golden beige, these colour looks can be done on most lengths and we would tailor make the tone  to suit a clients complexion and eye colour.

The strawberry blonde could either be more pink in hue which are great for cooler complexions and for warmer complexion it would be slightly more peachier in hue.

The beige colour trend can also be tailor made to suit warmer or cooler complexions and this look is really chic in style. We love this trend combined with baby lights to give it a extra shimmer and brightness.